HPG releases balance sheet of war for November: 124 soldiers killed in 193 actions

According to the November war balance sheet announced by HPG, 124 soldiers were killed in 193 actions against Turkish army forces. 4 guerrillas fell as martyrs, and a large amount of military ammunition was captured or destroyed.

The Press Center of the HPG (People's Defense Forces) announced the war balance sheet for November.

In written statement on Friday, the HPG said: “The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla's resistance and fight against genocidal attacks in Bakurê Kurdistan and Medya Defense Zones continues uninterrupted. Under the most difficult conditions and impossibilities, the self-sacrificing guerrilla forces, which have sharpened their mind, heart and will with the power they receive from the Apoist ideology, are trying to overcome every obstacle and play their role. Guerrillas continue to defend its revolutionary duties with Apoist self-sacrificing spirit and high courage, without hesitation, with great sacrifice, in order to fulfil their pioneering mission in the Revolutionary People's War anytime and anywhere."

The statement added: "The invading Turkish army continued its land and air attacks against our forces in Bakure Kurdistan and Medya Defense Zones throughout November. The occupying army, which used all the means at its disposal, all latest war techniques including banned bombs and chemical weapons against our forces, could not achieve its goal despite carrying out thousands of operations in Bakurê Kurdistan. It continued its brutal attacks with all recklessness, committing war crimes against our forces resisting in the war positions and tunnels in the Medya Defense Zones, and received full support from some collaborator, treasonous Kurdish, but it still remained inconclusive.”

Guerrilla increased the revolutionary people's war

The statement continued: “Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla managed to protect itself and its positions despite all enemy attacks, and continued to write epics of resistance with its indomitable will and Apoist self-sacrificing spirit. Guerrillas escalated the struggle for the Revolutionary People's War without compromising Apoist ideology, lifestyle and commitment to the line of martyrs. Our party increased its combat performance in the month of PKK's founding and welcomed its 45th anniversary with revolutionary operations and effective actions. In particular, the Martyr Leyla Sorxwîn Amed Revolutionary Operation in Metina was a meaningful and appropriate action that took place at a very appropriate time, on the night of the founding anniversary of our Party. The high performance and tactical mastery demonstrated by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla with its expert team warfare style based on terrain, positions and tunnels dealt heavy blows to the invading Turkish army. Although the colonialist genocidal Turkish state and the special war media tried to completely hide the blows they received from the guerrillas and the heavy losses they suffered, the truth of the war in the Kurdistan mountains was shared with our patriotic people and the public, along with documents [proving that]. It has been proven once again that the policies of the colonialist genocidal Turkish state and the fascist AKP-MHP regime insisting on war and the technical-based attacks of the Turkish army have not and will not yield results.”

4 guerrillas fell martyrs

The statement said: "Our comrades Ciwan Welat (Fatih Bulut), Andok Adil (Ramazan Bilal), Botan Raperîn (Sait Songülalp) and Egîd Kobanê (Mahmûd Îbrahîm), who led the revolutionary operations in November, fell as martyrs fighting heroically."

The following details were shared about the balance sheet of the war in November:

Attacks by the Turkish army:

Fighter attacks: 140

Chemical weapon attacks: 124

Prohibited explosive attacks: 133

Explosive-laden drone attacks: 103

Martyrs among guerrillas

Four of our comrades fell as martyrs

Guerrilla actions

Total guerrilla actions carried out: 193

Ambush actions: 1

Sabotage Actions: 7

Coordinated Guerrilla Actions: 2

Revolutionary Operation: 2

Sniper Actions: 30

Conflict-Coup-Intervention Actions: 52

Artillery Actions: 99

Enemy losses

Number of invaders killed: 124

Number of injured invaders: 1

Destroyed equipment

Reo Type Military Vehicle: 1

Dragon Type Armored Vehicle: 1

Drone: 7

Mobesse Camera System: 6

Position: 20

Tent: 23

Targets hit

Digger: 1

Radar: 1

Position: 52

Weapons and military materials

BKC medium automatic weapon: 1

Grenade Launcher weapon: 1

MPT-55 infantry rifle: 2

MPT-55 magazine: 12

Distance meter: 1

Detector: 1

Weapon scope: 2

Satellite phone: 1

Mobile phone: 2

Thermal scope: 1

Power bank: 2

Raincoat: 4

Coat: 2

Assault vest: 1

Bag: 5

Military dress: 1

Helmet: 1

Medical bag: 1

Thermos: 1

Glove: 1

Knives: 2