HPG releases one-month war balance sheet: 427 Turkish soldiers killed

The HPG announced its one-month war balance sheet. According to the guerrillas, 427 Turkish soldiers were killed, many military vehicles and materials were destroyed, including 1 Skorsky and 1 tank. 25 guerrillas fell as martyrs in the invasion attacks.

The HPG Press Center announced the balance sheet of the war within the scope of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign.

The HPG statement said: “One month has passed since the comprehensive invasion operation launched by the colonial Turkish state against the Zap and Avaşîn regions in the Medya Defense Zones on 14 April. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas gave the necessary response to the invaders and dealt heavy blows to the invasion attack by defending every inch of Kurdistan land on which the invaders set foot, with the spirit of the Apoist self-defeating militant, from the very first moment of the attack.”

The statement paid tribute to commander Şoreş Beytüşşebap, “who wrote a legend in the Garê attack carried out by the invading Turkish state in 2021” and those guerrillas involved in the Mamreşo and Zendura Resistances. “Our mobile guerrilla teams have developed creative actions by constantly holding the initiative in the field, using different tactics from infiltration to raid, from sabotage to assassination. Our Martyr Delal Air Defense Force, which overcame all the obstructive technical possibilities of the invading Turkish state and dealt a blow to the invaders in this way, also played a role in the one-month period.”

The statement also paid tribute to the “YJA Star guerrillas, who have carried out many successful actions since the first day of the invasion operation, and have most strongly represented the sharpened identity of the resisting and fighting Kurdish women, in line with Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] philosophy.”

Most comprehensive attack

The statement added: “The colonial Turkish state, which aims to realize its occupying ambitions by liquidating our Freedom Struggle, which has become the hope of the oppressed peoples, is carrying out one of the most comprehensive attacks in its history by putting all its technological means into action. However, it did not get any results from the attacks it carried out using thousands of howitzers and cannons on the resistance areas and bombing the area by air 813 times. The invading Turkish army, which suffered great losses and could not advance as a result of hundreds of actions developed by our forces, committed war crimes against the Resistance Areas by using chemical weapons 113 times. The colonial Turkish state carried out many attacks over the areas under the control of the KDP during the invasion operation and actively used the Turkish military bases within the borders of South Kurdistan. It was, however, dealt heavy blows. The KDP has made an intense effort to prevent the Turkish army from being defeated in Zap, by providing all kinds of support to the invasion operation of the fascist and genocidal Turkish state from the very beginning. Despite all the support offered, however, the Turkish army was not able to reach its desired goals with this invasion operation and was seriously weakened.”

The statement continued “Our Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas showed its high combat capability by displaying a historic resistance in a one-month period. Undoubtedly, we owe the achievement of these successful results to the efforts of our martyrs, who joined the caravan of the immortals by fighting with the Apoist self-sacrificing spirit. During the one-month occupation operation, 25 of our comrades fell as martyrs, thus becoming the guarantors of Free Kurdistan. With their performance, self-sacrificing stance and militant war style, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas have proven once again that they have the power to respond to any attack against our people and the lands of Kurdistan, and have succeeded in being the pride of our people.”

One-month war balance sheet

The HPG said the balance sheet of the war between 14 April and 14 May is as follows:

Actions carried out by our forces

– 4 Raid actions

– 5 Infiltration actions

– 20 Coordinated and simultaneous Guerrilla actions

– 37 Acts of sabotage

– 62 Sniping actions

– 68 Artillery actions

– 147 Clashes

– A total of 343 guerrilla actions were carried out.

Attacks by the invading Turkish army

– As far as our forces could detect, the Media Defense Areas, especially the Resistance Areas, were bombed 917 times by warplanes.

-They were bombed 719 times by helicopters and 1274 times by howitzers.

– The battle positions of our forces were bombarded with chemical gases 164 times.

As a result of the actions taken by our forces:

– 427 Invaders were killed

– 88 Invaders were injured

Military equipment and vehicles destroyed by our forces

– 1 Skorsky type helicopter

– 1 Tank

– 14 positions

– 7 Drones

– 5 Mobesse Camera System

– 2 Audio Listening Devices

– 1 BKC Weapon

– 1 Grenade Launcher

– 1 A4 Gun

– 2 Military Tents

– 2 Camera traps and motion sensors have been destroyed

 Military vehicles hit by our forces

– 22 Helicopters

– 3 Drones

– 1 Military Vehicle”