HPG reports ongoing guerrilla actions against Turkish invasion

The guerrillas destroyed a position and surveillance cameras of the Turkish army and two soldiers were killed in southern Kurdistan while Turkish troops continue to use chemical weapons.

The press centre of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) reported in its daily overview of the war in Kurdistan that the guerrillas continue their resistance against the Turkish occupation unabated. On Friday, two soldiers were shot dead and a Turkish army position and two surveillance cameras were destroyed by the guerrillas in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The HPG gave the following details of the latest actions by the guerrillas and attacks by the Turkish army:

Girê Amêdî

In the resistance area of Girê Amêdî, mobile guerrilla units struck a group of soldiers with firearms on 5 August, killing two soldiers and injuring one. The Turkish army subsequently bombed the area with helicopters and heavy weapons, and the dead were taken away by helicopter hours later.

Girê Cûdî

On 5 August, the guerrillas destroyed a surveillance camera and carried out a sabotage action against a Turkish squad that wanted to use chemical agents in a tunnel at Girê Cûdî. On 6 August at five o'clock, an enemy position was destroyed with heavy weapons, and at 6.40 the guerrillas destroyed a surveillance camera.


In the resistance area of Çemço, the Turkish invading forces were struck by guerrillas with heavy weapons on 4 August. On 5 August, the guerrillas intervened with heavy weapons against a Turkish unit that was advancing with an earth digger and armoured vehicles in the Şikefta Birîndara area. The unit retreated afterwards.


The occupation forces at Girê Şehîd Şahan in Xakurke were struck by guerrillas with heavy weapons at six in the morning today.

Attacks by the Turkish army

HPG further reported that the Turkish army used chemical agents and tactical weapons against guerrilla positions in Girê Cûdî, Werxelê, Şikefta Birîndara and Çemço areas a total of nine times on Saturday. Guerrilla areas in Metîna, Zap, Xakurke and Gare were bombed by fighter jets a total of twenty times on 5 and 6 August. The areas of Girê Cûdî, Girê FM and Werxelê were attacked 14 times by combat helicopters on Friday. Dozens of other attacks were carried out with heavy weapons, howitzers, mortars and tanks on the Metîna and Zap regions.