HPG reports Turkish use of chemical weapons amid ongoing clashes in Avaşîn

HPG Press Centre reported that clashes between guerrilla forces and Turkish troops are continuing in Avaşîn and the Turkish army is using chemical weapons again.

The Press Centre of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG-BİM) said in a statement on Monday that a military action was carried out by guerrillas using sabotage tactics in Uludere. A Turkish helicopter was hit in Zap and one Turkish soldier was killed in Avaşin. On the other hand, violent clashes have taken place in many areas.

HPG-BİM released the following statement:

As part of the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign in the Heftanîn region:

– On October 22, at 14:30, a Turkish military truck carrying ammunition from the Elemun outpost in Sirnak’s (Uludere) district to Girê Tangê was hit by YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) guerrillas with sabotage tactics.

One Turkish soldier was killed, another one was injured, while the truck and ammunition inside were destroyed as a result of the action. This successful action was carried out in memory of our immortal commander, Martyr Berîtan (Gülnaz Karataş).


As part of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign:

–On October 24 night, Turkish attack helicopters that went into action to bomb the Tîpa T area in the Zap region were targeted by our forces. As a result of the intervention of our forces, the attack helicopters had to retreat from the area.

– On October 24, a group of Turkish soldiers around Girê Martyr Elî in the Avaşîn region was put under surveillance and struck by our forces in a targeted action and one of them was killed.


Gire Kartal and Werxele Resistance Areas in the Avaşîn region:

– On October 23, the Turkish army attacked the Girê Kartal Resistance Area with toxic gases, chemical weapons and explosives. Fierce clashes took place all day long between the Turkish troops who wanted to advance after the bombings and our fighters in the Girê Kartal area. The Turkish forces could not advance as a result of the clashes.


– On October 24, the Turkish army bombed the Girê Kartal Resistance Area four times with chemical weapons and explosives. The Turkish troops who wanted to further advance at noon were shot by our forces four times at close range. Moreover, two Turkish drones were shot down in the Resistance Area by our forces.

–From 09:25 on October 25, the Turkish army has been attacking the Girê Kartal Resistance Area with poisonous gases and chemical weapons. Fierce clashes between our forces and the Turkish troops in the Resistance Area are continuing.

– On October 24, the Turkish army bombed the Werxelê Resistance Area with heavy weapons. On the same day, at 22:20, the Resistance Area was bombed with explosives three times.

On October 24, between 19:50 and 20:50, Turkish helicopters were active over the Qaşura line in the Metîna region.

– On October 24, between 22:40 – 00:50, Turkish helicopters were active in the Girê Kartal, Werxelê, Tabura Ereba and Banista areas in the Avaşîn region.

– On October 24, at 02:45, the Çemço area in ​​the Zap region was bombed by Turkish fighter jets.