HPG: Turkish state lies and conceals its losses

HPG accuses the Turkish state of covering up very serious losses suffered by its forces in the guerrilla areas in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

On 26 November, the guerrillas carried out a revolutionary operation named after the fallen guerrilla commander Leyla Sorxwîn against the Turkish troops in the Girê Çarçel Resistance Area in the Metina region of the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). 18 members of the Turkish army were killed during the course of the action, in which the guerrillas struck the occupiers from five sides simultaneously. The guerrillas  initially infiltrated the soldiers' camp. The action resulted in the death of twelve occupiers. Reinforcement troops moving up were also targeted by the guerrilla units and six of them were caught in a deadly ambush. The guerrillas also confiscated various weapons and military equipment from the occupying forces that were killed. In addition to an BKC machine gun and a grenade launcher, the guerrillas also seized several infantry rifles, ammunition, a satellite telephone as well as several mobile phones, night vision devices, knives, backpacks and a detector.

In connection with the guerrilla operation in Metîna, the Turkish General Staff and pro-government media only reported the death of only three soldiers, Necdet Çalış, Emrah Gündüz and Fevzi Kızıltaş.

The Press Office of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) released a statement accusing the Turkish state of covering up the very serious losses suffered by its forces on the war front.

"It is a recurring phenomenon that the Turkish military and special war media conceal the actual losses suffered and use false reports to create the impression that the army is successful in the fight against the guerrillas in order to influence public opinion in favour of state policy. However, the people of Turkey and the entire public should know that the state is hiding behind lies. It does not even lay claim to the bodies of the killed soldiers who are in areas under our control and whose identities we have previously disclosed to the public," said the HPG statement on Tuesday.

HPG reported that, in addition to Necdet Çalış, Emrah Gündüz and Fevzi Kızıltaş, two military officers named Yasin Kayul and Ismail Yılmaz were among those killed in the guerrilla operation in Metîna. HPG stated that the Turkish army suffered a heavy blow as a result of the operation, which was carried out in the form of a multi-front attack in the Girê Çarçel resistance area.

HPG also reported further guerrilla actions against Turkish occupation forces on 26-27 November. On the western front of the Zap region, guerrillas shot down a drone loaded with explosives during an attack flight on Girê FM.

In Girê Cûdî, several attempts by Turkish troops to advance were stopped by artillery fire, and a soldier was killed by a guerrilla sniper from YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops). Two other Turkish soldiers were shot dead in sniper actions in Girê Amêdîyê. In the Xakurke region, the guerrillas targeted a military position in the Girê Şehîd Heqî area and three soldiers were killed. In Metîna, YJA Star guerrillas struck the Turkish troops moving around Girê Ortê with heavy weapons.

Regarding the most recent attacks by the Turkish army in guerrilla areas, HPG stated that the guerrilla positions in Girê Çarçel in Metîna were bombed once by explosive drones on 26 November. In addition, HPG recorded four airstrikes by fighter jets on the same day, which were directed against Girê Bahar in Zap and the surrounding areas of the villages of Şêlazê, Golka and Dergelê in Metîna. The Turkish army also carried out artillery and tank attacks in various areas in the regions of Zap, Şehîd Delîl Western Zap, Metîna and Xakurkê.