HPG: Two helicopters damaged, 22 soldiers killed in Heftanin

Guerrillas continue inflicting blows on the occupant Turkish army in Kurdistan territory.

HPG/YJA Star guerrillas are mounting historic resistance against the Turkish state’s occupation attacks in Heftanin. As part of the revolutionary campaign of guerrillas in the region, two helicopters of the Turkish army were damaged and 22 soldiers killed.

The Press Office of People’s Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement announcing the latest from the resistance mounted by guerrilla forces against the Turkish army conducting and operation in Heftanin region of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). HPG said that guerrillas have inflicted heavy blows on the Turkish army.

According to the statement, guerrillas carried out two actions against the Turkish units stationed on Hill Şehid Adar at 22:30 on June 18 and at 14:30 on June 19. Effective strikes by the guerrilla forces left 11 soldiers dead.

At 10:45 on June 19, guerrillas hit a Turkish military unit advancing from Hill Martyr Hemze towards Hill Qesroke. Strikes at close range left 11 soldiers dead, while a guerrilla fell fighting to the last bullet. Following the action, Turkish attack helicopters heavily shelled the area. Guerrillas placed the helicopters under intense fire and forced them to reatreat from the area.

On the same day, at noon, guerrillas hit the Turkish soldiers stationed on Hill Şehid Beritan. While the Turkish forces were struck effectively, the number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

In the evening of the same day, Turkish jets and attack helicopters bombed the Xantur area. Guerrillas hit the attack helicopters and damaged two of them which then had to retreat from the area.

HPG also provided information about guerrilla action in Çukurca district of Hakkari which was carried out as part of the ‘Şehid Bager and Şehid Ronya Revolutionary Campaign’. Guerrillas hit a vehicle carrying special teams on its way from Hill Şehid Bager and Hill Şehid Reber. While the vehicle was destroyed, five soldiers in it were killed.