HPG/YJA guerrillas strike Turkish troops with heavy weapons

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) and the Free Women's Troops (YJA Star) guerrillas carried out actions against the invading Turkish army in Avasin using heavy weapons.

The HPG Press Centre has released a statement providing information on the latest actions carried out by guerrillas against the invading Turkish army in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). The statement includes the following:

“As part of the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign in the Avaşîn region:

On July 18, at 16:40, an action was carried out with heavy weapons against the invaders in the Girê Silêman area. Military positions belonging to the invaders were hit successfully.

The historic resistance of our forces continues in the battle positions and tunnels in the Werxelê area. On July 18, the invaders attacked with poisonous gases and a large amount of explosives to no avail.

On July 18, between 22:50 and 00:30, Turkish helicopter activity was recorded in the areas of Mervanos, Tabura Ereban and Girê Silêman. Girê Sor and Stûne areas were bombed by attack helicopters.

On July 19, at 09:10, our forces intervened the invaders who attempted to approach the battle positions in the Girê Sor area. The invaders were hit at close range with individual weapons and had to retreat. The invaders, who made another attempt at 09:40, were once again hit effectively by our forces and were forced to retreat. Also, the invaders are bombing the Girê Sor area from the Sîvrî outpost.

As part of the Cenga Xabur Revolutionary Campaign in Heftanîn and Metîna regions:

On July 17, at 06:10, an action was carried out with heavy weapons against the invaders in the Girê Dupişk area of ​​the Heftanîn region. The military positions where the invaders were located were hit accurately.

On July 18, between 22:30 and 01:00, the Turkish helicopters flew over the Qaşura area of ​​the Metîna region. The villages of Kêste and Hirore in the Kanî Masî sub-district of the Amadiya district were bombed by attack helicopters.

In the Zap region:

On July 18, between 00:00 and 01:00, the Çemço area was shelled with howitzers fired from the border police stations.

On July 19, between 09:30 and 10:00, Çemço and Sîda areas were bombed by fighter jets.

We did not have any casualties during these bombardments and air attacks.”