HPG/YJA Star guerrillas kill 3 Turkish soldiers in Heftanin

HPG / YJA Star guerrillas killed 3 invaders and injured 2 in an action against the Turkish army they carried out within the scope of the 'Battle of Heftanin' Campaign.

The HPG Press Center said in a statement: "Within the scope of the 'Battle of Heftanin' Campaign in the Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones , our forces have organised an action against the invading Turkish army located on Hill Konferans on 18 May at 8 am. Enemy positions and shelters were effectively hit, 3 soldiers were killed and 2 others were injured."

The statement added that Turkish warplanes bombed Xakurkê. "On 12 May Turkish warplanes bombed Martyr Beritan area in the region of Xakurkê in Medya Defense Zones. Two of our friends fell martyrs as a result of this bombing. The identity information of our two comrades will be shared in due time."