HPJ guerrilla Koçer: Martyr Zilan is an inspiration to women struggling

HPJ guerrilla Koçerin Koçer said that Martyr Zilan, one of the leading cadres of the PKK, who carried out a self-sacrificing action in Dersim in 1996, was an inspiration to women struggling.

Eastern Kurdistan Women's Defense Forces (HPJ) guerrilla Koçerin Koçer spoke about Zeynep Kınacı (Zilan), one of the leading cadres of the PKK, who carried out a self-sacrificing action in Dersim on 30 June 1996. Stating that as HPJ guerrillas, they are following the footsteps of Zilan, Koçerin Koçer said: "Comrade Zilan taught us the spirit of revolution and free life. I want to pay tribute to all our comrades who fell as martyrs in Zap, Metin, Avaşin, Gare and Heftanin last year. I remember all of them with respect. We are proud of our martyrs. We will always follow them. We will fight to realize their dreams of a free and independent Kurdistan."

Guerrilla Koçerin Koçer added: "Our great commander, comrade Zilan, has responded to all forces that want to break the will of the Kurdish people with a self-sacrificing action. Comrade Zilan taught us sacrifice with her action. As female guerrillas, we are followers of Zilan, we are ready to do our part for the lands of Kurdistan."

Guerrilla Koçer talked about how to protect the martyrs and said: "After Comrade Zilan's martyrdom, there were thousands of Zilan. We, as female guerrillas, will continue to keep Zilan alive.”

Guerrilla Koçer added: “The enemy is currently attacking Kurdistan guerrillas in Zap, Metina and Avaşin. The enemy should know that it cannot break the will of the guerrillas. We will not remain silent against the invaders. We do everything we do for our people, our land and our leadership. We fight and resist for it. We pay and live the price for it. We will not allow the enemy to oppress our people. We are fighting for the identity of the Kurdish people."

At the end of her speech, HPJ guerrilla Koçerin Koçer said that the struggle of the Kurdish people, especially mothers and young people, give great strength and morale to the fighters. "As guerrillas, we will always stand behind the people and resist. We will continue to fight to end the occupation and to protect the Kurdish people against the enemy."