HPJ guerrilla: There is no other way than resistance

HPJ fighter Arjin Nishtîman said that the guerrillas have been putting up relentless resistance against the Turkish attacks on the Medya Defense Zones, adding that the betrayal of the KDP which cooperates with Turkey is unacceptable.

Arjin Niştîman, a member of the Eastern Kurdistan Women's Defense Forces (HPJ), spoke to ANF about the Turkish invasion attacks on guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and the KDP's support of the Turkish army.

“Relentless resistance is put up in the areas of Zap, Avaşîn, Metîna and Xakurkê. The guerrillas are striking with an Apoist spirit in the Medya Defense Zones. This relentless resistance is carried out on behalf of freedom against the most advanced warfare of the Turkish army.

On the one hand, there are Turkish invasion attacks, and on the other, there is the betrayal of the KDP. This betrayal of the KDP which cooperates with Turkey is unacceptable because it is more than betrayal. One cannot call the Barzani family Kurdish anymore. These attacks are not only against the PKK and its guerrillas. Their overall objective is to invade the entire Kurdistan. All our people should realize this well,” she said.


The HPJ fighter also spoke about the Turkish attacks on the achievements in Şengal and Rojava. “We should never forget past events. Rojava was subjected to major attacks in 2011 and Şengal in 2014. It is obvious who stood out against these attacks and protected the people. YPG and YPJ forces resisted until the end. Furthermore, the Kurdistan guerrillas waged a marvellous struggle in Şengal and defeated the enemy.

The Kurdish people, specifically our people in Eastern Kurdistan, must stand up in the spirit of Kobane and Afrin and support the resistance of the guerrillas. During the resistance in Kobane and Afrin, the people of Eastern Kurdistan took to the streets, resisted and joined the Freedom Movement. Take part in the struggle for freedom and stand up once again! The Kurdish people should not forget that there is no other way than to resist alongside with the Freedom Movement. The Kurdish women and youth should join the ongoing resistance for freedom and expand the struggle. We can make the freedom of the Kurds and Kurdistan permanent only in this way. There is no other way but resistance and struggle.”