HSM celebrates the Heroism Week

HSM Headquarters Command: “Comrades Mazlum and Mahsum have been the unquenchable torches of our people's national heroism era. On this basis, we celebrate the Heroism Week of the Kurdish people and all our comrades waging struggle in every field.”

The Headquarters Command of the People's Defence Centre (HSM) made a written statement on the occasion of Heroism Week.

The statement released on Thursday includes the following:

"Peoples have leaders who create their consciousness and spirit of freedom and historical heroes who make great breakthroughs by practicing these leaders. Every people attains a great spirituality and national identity on the basis of the epic marches of their historical heroes. The Kurdish people, who are loyal to their social values, resilient, courageous and noble, have also had historical heroes who displayed valour throughout history. From the Kawa the Blacksmiths to the Medes' Army of the Immortals, countless heroes who have etched their names in history have taken their place in the historical memory of the Kurdish people.

Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan), who made his debut on a Newroz day, also started the most organised and modern National Heroism Era of the Kurdish people. The founding leading cadres of our Movement, who joined Rêber Apo by internalizing the Apoist ideology with their consciousness, heart and whole being, created the most organised, strongest and invincible period of national heroism of the Kurdish people and bestowed the most meaningful gift of history to our people. They demonstrated their heroism and valour, sacrificing themselves without hesitation in order to protect the existence of our people, ensure their freedom and guarantee their future.

The Kurdish people celebrate the week between the great heroic act of Comrade Mazlum Doğan, the Contemporary Kawa, on 21 March and the martyrdom of Comrade Mahsum Korkmaz, the legendary commander of the Kurdistan guerrilla, on 28 March as National Heroism Week. Comrades Mazlum and Mahsum, as noble personalities who embodied the strongest consciousness and courage of our party PKK, became the name of the sacrificial heroic stance of the Apoist ideology that went down in history.

The historical stance of Comrade Mazlum Doğan, the contemporary Kawa, in the Amed Dungeon determined the spirit and line of resistance of our Party, and Comrade Mahsum Korkmaz, who took this spirit as a guide and carried it to the mountains of Kurdistan, started guerrillaism and put into practice the sacrificial warfare style with the historical 15 August Move. Comrades Mazlum and Mahsum, who passed into the history of Kurdistan as symbols, spirits, lines, heroes and valour, have been the unquenchable torches of our people's national heroism era. On this basis, we celebrate the Heroism Week of the Kurdish people and all our comrades waging struggle in every field. While commemorating all our martyrs in the person of our national heroes with respect, gratitude and deep devotion, we state that we will never compromise from being a relentless follower of the line of martyrs under all circumstances.

Comrade Egîd (Mahsum Korkmaz) is a great commander who, with his deep devotion to Rêber Apo, understood and internalized the Apoist ideology very well, firmly believed in the victory of the Kurdish people's freedom struggle and was passionately committed to guerrillaism. Comrade Egîd is an outstanding people's leader who embodied the free will and valour of the Kurdish people. Comrade Egîd, with his exemplary command style, carried out the Glorious 15 August Move and determined the course of our revolutionary people's war by transforming the guerrilla style into a line. Comrade Egîd's determined march was instrumental in the growth of our guerrilla army, its spread all over Kurdistan, the creation of our revolutionary people's war and guerrillaism for victory.

Our guerrilla struggle and heroic march, which started with the first bullet of Commander Egîd, has today become an army of fedayeen fighting with the Apoist sacrificial spirit. Today, in our revolutionary people's war led by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, the tactical expansions made by the HPG, the level it has gained by restructuring, the formation it has reached in tactical creativity and in applying them, its ability to put the technique it has acquired into the service of tactics, and most importantly, putting all these into practice with the Apoist sacrificial spirit is a historical value and achievement for the Kurdish people.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla are struggling to be worthy of its martyrs by walking in their footsteps and putting their goals into practice one by one. We promise that with the consciousness, spirit, faith and determination we have taken from our heroes, we will further expand our struggle and be worthy of their memories.

We salute the valiant Kurdish people who, by following in the footsteps of their heroes without hesitation, have made them the compass of their consciousness and heart, and who embrace their heroes by celebrating the Freedom Newroz in a glorious way. We once again celebrate the Heroism Week of our patriotic people and comrades, and wish them success in their struggle for freedom in every field."