HSM praises the guerrilla action in Mamreşo

HSM Headquarters Command praised the "coordinated ambush" action carried out by guerrillas against the invading Turkish army in Avaşîn on July 26.

People's Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters released a statement praising the successful coordinated action carried out by Martyr Serdem and Martyr Sarya revenge teams in the Mamreşo area of ​​Avaşîn on July 26.

“The action was fruitful as the enemy troops were taken under control and struck from two directions. One MPT-55 infantry gun, three AK-47 (Kalashnikov) infantry guns, one radio device, one bayonet and two military hats were seized, and 7 Turkish soldiers were killed. It is important that the new era guerrilla tactics were performed professionally by the mobile revenge teams in the Mamreşo Resistance Area and that a serious blow was dealt to the enemy troops when they least expected it,” the statement continued.

“This action was carried out to avenge our martyrs who had been murdered with chemical weapons in the Mamreşo Resistance Area. It was worthy of the promise we made to our martyrs and of their memories. In this sense, it was a very appropriate and meaningful response. Moreover, three invading Turkish soldiers and 4 collaborationists who preferred dishonour and betrayal to their people were killed in this action. It was a strong response showing that betrayal would never go unpunished in Kurdistan,” the statement noted.

“Your action has proven once again how productive a correct implementation of the mobile team fighting style combined with creativity could be in every part of Kurdistan, and especially in the Avaşîn area. We congratulate all the commanders and fighters in the Avaşîn province, especially the Martyr Serdem and Martyr Sarya mobile teams, for their performance and professionalism. We praise all our friends who are taking part in the Bazên Zagrosê Revolutionary Campaign and fight with a self-sacrificing Apoist spirit and wish them continued success,” the statement concluded.