Hunger strikes against isolation grow in South Kurdistan

Hunger strikes against the isolation continue in (South Kurdistan). Hunger striker HDP member Nasir Yagiz said, “I will continue until the end,” as his health continues to deteriorate.

Hunger strikes against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan continue to spread.

HDP member Nasir Yagiz, who has been on the hunger strike since the first day, is at a critical stage. He said, “I will continue my protest until the end.”


The hunger strike in front of the HDP Bashure (South Kurdistan) Kurdistan Representation Office continues on day 53, and was taken over by the 27th group today.

HDP member Nasir Yagiz has participated in the hunger strike without a time limit or alternating with anybody else since the first day, and says he will continue until the end. Yagiz’s health has reached a critical stage and he is under medical supervision.

HDP Representative Abid Ike said, “The hunger strikers’ health is at a critical stage. Everybody must do their part to better the situation of prisoners. Kurdistan Regional Parliament should speak up against what has been happening.”

Ike also protested the detention of 52 people including journalists, women, children and Tevgera Azadi and RJAK members by the asayish forces and said, “These incidents are a shame for the PUK.”


The hunger strike launched under the lead of the Mesopotamia Workers’ Association against the isolation is on day 30. The 16th group has taken over the protest.

Sefiq Yildirim spoke in the name of the group and saluted the hunger strikers in Kurdistan and Europe and said: “Our protest will continue as long as the isolation against Ocalan does.”

Yildirim also protested the detentions in Sulaymaniyah.


The hunger strike in the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp is on day 28. The 10th group has taken over the protest.

Maxmur Popular Assembly Co-chair Filiz Budak said: “The Kurdish people have been living under invasion and attacks for years. Against all attacks and massacres, the Kurdish people have never bowed down and always held their resistance up high like a torch for freedom.”