Hunger strikes continue in Maxmur and Hewler

Hunger strikes against the Imrali isolation continue to grow in Maxmur and Hewler.

Hunger strikes against the Imrali isolation continue to grow in Maxmur and Hewler.


The hunger strike launched in the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp on December 16, 2018 against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan continues on day 139.

The 47th group took over the hunger strike following a press statement held en masse in Maxmur today.

Meanwhile, Ishtar Assembly Member Fadile Tok is on day 107 of her indefinite nonalternating hunger strike against the isolation launched on February 20.

Sadik Sperti issued a statement in the name of the 46th group and said:

“The Turkish state wants to silence and suppress the Kurdish people in prisons and on the outside. They want to isolate Leader Apo and cut him off from the outside world. With the hunger strikes led by Leyla Guven and supported by thousands, a great struggle is underway once again against the Turkish state.

We must grow our protests to be able to break the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo. We must do everything we can to avoid news of martyrs coming from prisons. If we are to do something against the isolation, we must do it now.”

After Sadik Sperti’s speech, a letter Kerem Bilen, currently under arrest in the Trabzon Closed Prison Type E, sent to Fadile Tok on the 107th day of her hunger strike was read out loud.


The hunger strike against the isolation in Hewler continues on day 164. The 63rd group has taken over the ongoing hunger strike.

HDP Southern Kurdistan Representation Office Co-chair Abid Ike said:

“Those who remain silent in the face of the resistance against the isolation must be ashamed of their humanity. Everybody should take action against the isolation at once. Everybody should speak up against Turkish state fascism and resist to break the isolation. We can only break the isolation if we resist together and take to the streets.”