Identity of YRK guerilla who lost her life announced

KODAR Martyrs Committee announced that YRK guerilla Cihan Azad lost her life in Mariwan on June 9.

East Kurdistan Democratic and Free Society (KODAR) Martyrs Committee issued a written statement to give information on the YRK (East Kurdistan Defense Units) guerilla who lost her life.

The statement said a YRK unit was caught in an Iranian Pasdaran (Army of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) ambush on June 9, 2018 and Xedice Hecizade, code name Cihan Azad, born in the Kotol district of Xoy was martyred in the clashes that ensued.

The statement stressed that Cihan Azad fought valiantly in the struggle for revolution in and around the Hewraman region for years and resisted the Iranian regime tyranny and oppression.

KODAR stated that Cihan Azad represented Apoist courage and sacrifice and that she gave her life for a free life, joining the true leaders of the Kurdistan revolution.

The statement concluded with giving condolences to Cihan Azad’s family and the patriotic people of Kurdistan, and KODAR repeated the promise to continue the struggle on the path of the martyrs until the free life is built.