ISIS killed 22 peshmergas and five civilians in South Kurdistan in one month

In the past four weeks, 22 peshmergas and five civilians have been killed by ISIS in South Kurdistan. The Peshmerga accuse the KDP of neglecting the fight against ISIS.

The attacks of ISIS in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) have increased significantly in recent weeks. In the regions around Kirkuk, Mosul and Sulaymaniyah, ISIS has attacked dozens of peshmerga positions and villages near the border. Since 10 November, 22 peshmerga and five civilians have been killed in such attacks.

Most recently, as reported earlier, ISIS attacked a peshmerga unit stationed at Qereselim Peak (Qara Salim) near Kirkuk on Monday night. It has since become known that not two, but four peshmerga were killed there by the ISIS and another was injured. ISIS withdrew again after the attacks.

KDP support for Turkey promotes strengthening of ISIS

While the international coalition had delivered large quantities of modern technology to the peshmerga, weapons and equipment were apparently distributed exclusively to special units of the KDP, which supports the Turkish army in the war against the Kurdish freedom movement in the north of southern Kurdistan. Only recently, high-ranking Peshmerga had complained that the units in the fight against ISIS were not even equipped with thermal imaging cameras and that the front to ISIS-controlled areas had thinned out massively.