KCK calls for increased struggle against Turkish fascism

The KCK called on “all our people to embrace our martyrs and to raise the struggle against the fascism of the Turkish Republic.”

The KCK Executive Council co-presidency issued a written statement about the civilian massacre of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan.

The Turkish state on Wednesday launched air raids hitting civilian areas in Sheladize region and four civilians lost their life.

The KCK statement said: “Our people launched the greatest resistance for freedom witnessed in history in the four parts of Kurdistan as well as abroad. This great resistance makes our friends proud, and our enemies distressed. The Turkish State cannot tolerate the determination of Kurds to be free and for this it is attacking them all over. The genocidal Turkish regime is attacking our people from every part with all its brutality. The genocidal regime has murdered four of our compatriots and wounded two others in the latest airstrikes on Dereluk, Reshawa.

First of all, we offer our condolences to all the people of Kurdistan, especially the families of our martyrs and wish a speedy recovery for the wounded.”

The statement added: “This is not the first time that the Turkish republic targets civilians in South Kurdistan. The genocidal regime has killed hundreds of civilian people in South Kurdistan so far. The fascist regime also targeted our people in Rojava and North Kurdistan and slaughtered thousands of civilians in the most barbarous way.

The fascist Turkish regime used the lie of ‘fighting against the PKK and the YPG, not against the Kurds' in order to hide the genocidal policies it is carrying out on our people.

It is under this lie that it tries to conceal the massacres of Kurdish people. But the PKK and all other Kurdish political forces are the sons and daughters of the Kurdish people. The world has gradually started to accept Kurds together with its leaders. But the genocidal Turkish state is deliberately targeting all Kurds together with their leaders. Therefore, it strikes all the Kurds without discrimination.”

These attacks, added the KCK statement “are carried out under the auspices and with the support of of various international powers, especially the US.

The coordinates of the targets to be hit by Turkish combat aircraft are given by the US reconnaissance aircraft. It is clear that the US, in line with its own political interests, is not worried of the Kurdish blood spilled as a consequence of the Turkish state attacks.

The US reconnaissance planes provide the coordinates of targets to the Turkish state, while the government of South Kurdistan remains silent. Undoubtedly, for our people this silence makes the South Kurdistan government partner in crime.

The fact that the Iraqi state does not defend its sovereignty and its citizens raises suspicion in our people and weakens its ties with the Iraqi state.”

The KCK statement ended by saying: “Undoubtedly, no matter the prize, the people of Kurdistan are determined to be free and achieve their status in all four parts of Kurdistan. This determination is shown by the hunger strikes and democratic actions carried out in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad.

The martyrs in Deraluk will be kept alive in our struggle and memory.”

The KCK called on “all our people to embrace our martyrs and to raise the struggle against the fascism of the Turkish Republic.”