KCK condemns the Turkish attack on Sulaymaniyah Airport

KCK strongly condemns the fascist Turkish state’s April 7 attack on Sulaymaniyah Airport and the KDP, which encourages these attacks and tries to cover up the crimes of the Turkish state.

The Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement condemning Friday’s Turkish attack on the airport in Sulaymaniyah city in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The statement by the KCK Foreign Relations Committee includes the following:

“We are going through a significant historic process in the Kurdistan freedom struggle. In its genocidal war against our movement, patriotic circles and our people with all its might and every means available, the AKP-MHP fascism has come to the brink of dissolution and elimination. This heavy defeat it is experiencing is a result of the attitude of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), who manifests historic resistance on Imrali and the self-sacrifice of the guerrilla forces that are putting up a legendary resistance against all forms of banned weapons in the mountains of Kurdistan. The plan of the fascist chief Erdoğan, who seeks to institutionalize fascism and to cow society into submission, has been frustrated by the resistance of Kurdish women and youth at Newroz, rendering him unable to satisfy his desire. This fascist regime, which is gradually heading towards collapse, will be dealt a final blow by our people on May 14.

Experiencing a collapse and despair, the Erdoğan regime is likely to resort to any provocation since it has no capability left to gather masses around itself. Aware of the fact that the fascist Erdoğan is ready to commit any national and international crime in an attempt to remain in power, our movement has extended the decision for inaction it had declared on the occasion of the earthquake until after the May 14 elections. Nevertheless, the invading Turkish army increasingly continues its attacks on Medya Defense Zones, Rojava, Bashur (South Kurdistan), Shengal and the entire Kurdistan.  

Having its plans foiled by our movement’s decision for inaction, the invading Turkish state now uses the KDP and Bashur for its terrorist ambitions, targeting and attacking the areas used by our people in Bashur.  The Turkish state, which pursues anti-Kurdish policies and has turned into an international gang and terrorist organization, is increasingly constituting a threat to the stability of the region. The Turkish state is constantly gathering together collaborationist forces as a cover for its terrorist aggression. These forces are the Ahrar al-Sham in Afrin; ISIS in Kobanê, FSA in Girê Sipî and Serêkaniyê; and the KDP in Shengal and Bashur.

At this stage, the KDP in the name of South Kurdistan has turned into the basic instrument of the Turkish state’s terrorist aggression in four parts of Kurdistan. It would be difficult to explain the fact that the KDP, which became isolated within the Kurdistan community and the Bashur government, acts as a sponsor of Turkish terrorist crimes and makes an extraordinary effort to whitewash the Turkish Republic, as sole collaboration. Our movement has repeatedly expressed, with evidence, the support provided by the KDP in the Turkish state’s deployment and establishment of military bases in Bashur and killing of Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas with chemical weapons. Maintaining its betrayal against the Kurdish people, the KDP is now becoming a sponsor to the Turkish state targeting the Airport of Sulaymaniyah and threatening the civilian population. While all Kurds take these attacks as an occupation plan against the status of Bashur, the KDP justifies the Turkish state and encourages it for further attacks.

It is only obvious that the KDP knows no bounds in serving the interests of the Turkish state, becoming its partner in its enmity towards the Kurds and reporting everything that is for the good of the Kurds to the invading Turkish state. The crimes of corruption and collaboration with the invaders in the KDP-controlled areas are exposed by more cases every day. While the KDP does not allow a single activity that serves the Kurdish people in the areas it controls, it allows the Turkish army to move everywhere, provides them with logistics, builds roads for them and carries them to the positions of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. It is obvious that their actions are contrary to the values of the Kurdish people. So far, the KDP has justified its dirty relations with the Turkish state with the freedom struggle of our party. However, as can be seen from the statement of the so-called spokesperson of the Kurdistan Regional Government after the attack on Sulaymaniyah Airport, the KDP is making every Kurd who does not submit to the Turkish state a target and encourages the Turkish state.

We strongly condemn the fascist Turkish state’s April 7 attack on Sulaymaniyah Airport. On this occasion, we once again condemn the KDP that encourages these attacks and tries to cover up the crimes of the Turkish state. We believe it is essential that the Iraqi state and all Kurds adopt the necessary stand without delay to secure conditions for our people’s freedom and security against this collaborating policy that makes the Turkish state a present of the status of South Kurdistan.

We salute the attitude of all Kurds and the people of Sulaymaniyah in the face of this rampant international terrorism. We believe that the people of South Kurdistan will show the necessary reaction to the colonialist occupation forces and their networks of traitors and adopt the line of national unity under all circumstances. We call on international forces and in particular the international anti-ISIS coalition to take a stand against the genocidal attacks Turkey carries out against the Kurds by trampling on international law.”