KCK Education Committee celebrates Kurdish Language Day

Statement published to remark the National Day of the Kurdish language.

The KCK  (Kurdistan Communities Union) Education Committee issued a written statement saying that it is possible to make the Kurdish liberation revolution permanent by developing the education democratic nation as a strategic priority.

Kurdish National Day was celebrated reminding of the need to raise the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's freedom struggle.

In its statement the KCK Education Committee said: 

“We celebrate the Kurdish Language Day at the most important, critical and consequential process of the revolution. Each society shapes its existence and its sociality in its own language. This universal reality is also valid for the people of Kurdistan.

For hundreds of years the invaders and fascist states have carried out a dangerous policy against the Kurdish language to destroy this reality. They continue to implement a policy of banning and eliminating the Kurdish people. The occupying forces even brought their schools, which functioned as assimilation tools, to the mountain villages, appointing teachers, who were special war instruments, to those schools. To make Kurdish children get away from all social events, they even prevented them from getting Kurdish mother's food. Speaking even just a few words in Kurdish could lead to beating and torture. The resistance of Kurdish mothers has an important role in protecting our language”.

The statement added: “These practices of the fascist and occupying Turkish state amount to cultural genocide crime, according to the United Nations legislation. At this crucial moment in the revolution process, the invaders want to conclude the cultural genocide with social genocide. For this, physical genocide is also practiced. Like all Kurdish holidays, Kurdish Language Day is forbidden.

People who speak Kurdish on the street are being attacked by nationalist and fascist gangs. They are wounded and slaughtered or captured by the AKP-MHP fascist alliance and thrown in jail. Prohibition and genocide continue physically and culturally.

We know very well that if the Turkish state officials are talking about the Kurdish entity and the Kurdish reality today, this is down to the 40 years of relentless resistance and struggle led by Kurdish People Leader Apo, our people and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement”.

The statement celebrated the Afrin resistance as well as the resistance carried out by Kurdistan guerrillas who are carrying out a revolution day and night. The enemy is weaker than ever. - added the statement - The Rojava revolution has proved that a social, economic, political system of self-government is possible. The achievements by the Northern Syrian and Rojava Federation and the peoples of the region are there, thanks to the struggle and resistance.

The democratic national education, is a strategic priority to make the Kurdistan freedom revolution permanent. With hope and faith of success, we celebrate the Kurdish National Day, especially great teacher Leader Apo, all Kurdistan martyrs, resistance mothers, education workers and Kurdish people!"