KCK: Martyr Murat Gündüz lost his life on 5 July

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency announced that on 5 July, guerrilla Devran (Murat Gündüz), fell martyr as the result of Turkish air raids in which lost his life KCK General Council member Diyar Xerîb.

In a written statement, the KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency said: “For four years guerrillas have been fighting relentlessly in the mountains of Serhat against fascist and genocidal mentality."

The statement said of Martyr Devran (Murat Gündüz) that he had "joined the guerrilla ranks in 2014. He was coming from Karayazı, in the province of Erzurum.

When he decided to join the guerrillas of freedom, he knew it was a time when our people and country was facing a dark and brutal attack. So many of our young people joined with their youth and purity the fight against the darkness of ISIS."

The statement continued: "Comrade Devran was very familiar with the mountains, and was injured in the foot during a big action. He healed and returned to his duties with great determination."

It was during one of these duties, said the statement, that "on 5 July 2019, as the result of a vicious attacks on civilians by the invading genocide enemy and its collaborators, two guerrillas as well as Martyr Helmet (Diyar Xerîb) and Martyr Devram lost their life."

Martyr Devran identity details are as follows:

Codename: Devran Canfeda

Name and surname: Murat Gündüz

Mother's name: Sakine

Father's name: Medeni

Date and place of birth: Erzurum Karayazı