KCR pays tribute to guerrilla Tolhildan Qendîl

Tolhildan Qendîl came from Mahabad and was a member of the East Kurdistan Youth group KCR. The guerrilla was killed in a Turkish air strike in South Kurdistan last September.

Guerrilla Tolhildan Qendîl died on 17 September 2023 in an air strike by the Turkish army in Pêncewîn in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. East Kurdistan Youth group (Komelgeha Ciwanên Rojhilatê Kurdistanê, KCR). The guerrilla was a member of the KCR coordination and was born in Mahabad in 1994. According to the information, his real name was Barzan Hesen Zade.

The KCR said that Tolhildan Qendîl grew up in Mahabad and became acquainted with the thoughts of Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdistan freedom movement at a young age. His family was supportive of the classical movements in East Kurdistan, but young Tolhildan recognized a socialist-revolutionary approach to the whole of Kurdistan in the apoist movement and was politically active in this sense.

"Despite facing torture and imprisonment in Iran's prisons, he resolutely continued his fight for the freedom of his people," the KCR said in a statement, adding that "as a student, he joined a group of guerrillas in the Kurdish mountains in 2016 and received basic training for new fighters. He took on important tasks in the areas of Asos, Qandîl and Pêncewîn and trained further at guerrilla academies. He was active in Iran organizing young people. As a guerrilla, he stayed in Merîwan, Mukriyan and South Kurdistan."

The KCR said that Tolhildan, with his continuous struggle, youthful dynamism and intellectual abilities, helped sow the seeds of the 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' revolution in East Kurdistan and throughout Iran.

The KCR paid tribute to Tolhildan Qendîl as "a valuable comrade and commander" and expressed its condolences "to his family and the Kurdish people." The KCR appeals to the Kurdish youths and especially to the young people from Rojhilat to take up the weapons of the martyrs and continue their fight for freedom.