KDP evacuates 3 villages in Amadiya, clearing the way for the Turkish army

Turkey relies on the KDP to realize its attack and occupation plans against Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq(. Cooperating with the Turkish state, the KDP provides all kinds of support to the occupying army.

According to reports from the ground, forces of the KDP, the ruling party in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, evacuated the villages of Spîndarê, Mijê and Kevne Mijê villages in Amadiya on the instructions of the occupying Turkish state.

According to the information provided by local sources, the KDP established checkpoints on the roads leading to the evacuated villages in order to pave the way for the invasion attacks of the Turkish state and the villages were closed to entry and exit.

The occupying Turkish state, Asayish (local public order forces) and KDP-affiliated Peshmerga forces have forcibly evacuated and depopulated nearly 600 villages in Southern Kurdistan so far.

The KDP, controlled by the Barzani family, is largely dependent on and closely allied with the AKP/MHP regime. The Turkish state is trying to use the KDP as a tool to trigger an internal Kurdish civil war. The recent deployment of troops by the KDP shows the extent of the danger. In recent years, the KDP has repeatedly set up ambushes against the guerrillas, marked targets for Turkish airstrikes, captured guerrillas and even "disappeared" them. The KDP’s intelligence service Parastin supports the Turkish intelligence service MIT in its attacks against Kurdish activists in southern Kurdistan. So far, a major escalation could only be avoided thanks to the patient attitude of the guerrillas, who are trying to build a Kurdish unity. However, as the Turkish army seems to be on the defensive again in its current large-scale attack on the guerrilla-held Medya Defence Zones, a relief attack by the KDP is becoming increasingly likely.

On 13 September 2023, the KDP dispatched hundreds of armored vehicles and heavy weapons to Bradost after forcibly evacuating the nomads from the region through threats, repression and use of force. A part of the KDP force attacked the positions of the guerrillas at Gewriya Zînê in the Goşîne area the following day. 

In the last two years, in particular, the Turkish state, with the help of the KDP, has attempted to connect many areas from which the civilian population has been displaced and to create a buffer zone along the border of South Kurdistan. This area stretches from Behdînan to Bradost. Numerous bases have been established along the Amêdîyê front. Although these are ostensibly KDP forces, there are Turkish troops in these bases. The Turkish army, which recently established a new base in the Bradost region, is trying to further increase its activities in this region. It has established many new bases in the Balekayetî region. The KDP forces have made all preparations for this. The Turkish state has also established new bases in the Mehmudiyê region on the borders of Rojava with South Kurdistan as well as on the borders of Zaxo and Batûfa. The aim is to expand this buffer zone and prepare a hinterland for a new invasion operation against Rojava. Those who oppose the occupation are attacked and murdered on the basis of intelligence provided by the KDP troops. At present, attempts are being made to completely encircle the Medya Defence Zones in South Kurdistan and create a military buffer zone with these bases and bases that have already been built before.

Turkey has been attacking the Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) for years. In April 2022, a comprehensive operation was launched in the guerrilla regions of Zap, Metîna and Avaşîn. As the invasion did not achieve the desired success, the Turkish state is attempting to establish itself in the area via the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), the ruling party dominated by the Barzani clan. KDP forces are establishing new bases and building military roads for the Turkish troops. In order to grant Turkey free access, the villagers are being driven out of the affected areas.

According to journalist Baran Germiyanî, who lives in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and spoke to Mezopotamya news agency (MA) in November, 158 villages have already been evacuated and at least 600 villages are threatened with eviction because the KDP is exerting pressure during the ongoing Turkish attacks. Germiyanî stated that Turkey has not achieved the desired results in the region and that the KDP is clearing the way for Turkey with its depopulation policy.

In an interview in November, Cemil Bayık, Co-Chair of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council, commented on the KDP’s role in the Turkish state’s genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people, stating the following: “Those in the KDP who currently dominate the Behdînan region are from Massoud Barzani’s side of the family. They are working only for their own interests and those of their families, thus serving the genocidal policies of the Turkish state. This is happening under the eyes of public opinion. Anyone who claims to be Kurdish, patriotic, politically conscientious and moral must see this. This is not a policy that anyone can accept. Serving the policy of the genociders does not benefit the Kurdish people. Therefore, democrats, patriots, politically conscientious and moral people need to see who is serving the Kurdish people and who is serving the politics of genocide. Patriotism means standing up against the politics of genocide. The Turkish state is waging this war with the support of the KDP. Not only in the Medya Defense Zones, but also in Northern and Southern Kurdistan, as well as in Rojava and in different parts of the world. The Turkish state’s policy against the Kurdish people is carried out with the support of the KDP and especially Masoud Barzani. If they did not support them, the Turkish state would not be able to carry out this policy of genocide against the Kurdish people."