KDP imposes food embargo on Behdinan region amidst Turkey’s attacks

According to the Rojnews, the KDP does not allow local people in Behdinan to meet their needs freely on the grounds that PKK fighters get supplies and thus imposes an embargo on the villages in the region.

In parallel with the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against the Behdinan region, the Kurdistan region’s ruling party KDP is seeking to put the screws on the people of Behdinan through special war methods.

The South Kurdistan-based Rojnews reported on Tuesday that since the spring of 2022, the KDP and its Roj mercenaries have not allowed the villagers to meet their basic needs freely.

The people of the region believe that the KDP imposes an embargo because it claims that the supplies will go to PKK guerrillas.

KDP forces do not allow families to keep more than one propane cylinder in their houses.

An embargo is emposed on the village of Zêbari in Akrê and the villages in Sheladize where the Turkish state has escalated its attacks recently.

Citing sources in the region, Rojnews wrote that the KDP did not allow the press to report about the embargo.

Vehicles of local people are searched at the checkpoints established by the KDP and controlled by the Roj mercenaries in order to restrict guerrilla activities.

KDP forces and the Roj mercenaries also do not allow peddlers to enter the villages either.

The embargo imposed by the KDP on the region bears resemblance to the embargo that has been imposed on the cities in the regions of Botan, Amed, Dersim in North Kurdistan by the invading Turkish state since the 1990's.