KDP poses conditions for the new government

KDP posed the condition that the parties to take part in the new government accept its program.

Regional parliamentary elections were held on September 30 in Southern Kurdistan. Several parties objected with allegations of fraud, but the results have been declared nonetheless. After the announcement of the results, all eyes turned to the new government to be formed.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) are expected to start meetings this week to form the new government.


Before any serious meetings for the new government, KDP officials have posed conditions to partake in the new government like other parties accepting KDP’s program and committing to not withdraw from the government in times of crisis.

KDP Sulaymaniyah-Halabja Presidential Council Spokesperson Eta Sheyh Hasan issued a statement on the matter and said, “Parties have made promises several times, but they didn’t stay until the end and they withdrew. Now there is an important process in front of us. Most importantly, we have responsibilities in defending Kurdistan. All parties who have won the right to represent the people can take part in the cabinet for a strong Kurdistan within the framework of national principles.”


PUK Foreign Relations Officer Tahsin Namik said: “Parties to take part in the government need to give guarantees that they won’t withdraw halfway down the road. If the parties give the guarantee that they will accept the government’s program, this will make for a stronger government program.”


Politicians, experts, intellectuals and writers from Southern Kurdistan think the KDP is imposing its own party program, instead of a new program for a government.

As KDP posed conditions for parties that could be in the new government, the previous government abided by the conditions posed. And, the parties in the government did stay in the government until the last minute. In the end, after the loss of disputed territories and Kirkuk, Komale Islami and the Goran Movement withdrew from the government. These two parties decided to withdraw from the government mostly because their ministers were relieved from office and because of the decision the KDP made about the parliamentary chair from the Goran Movement.