KJK: There is no natural disaster but a genocidal state disaster in Kurdistan

In a statement about the devastating fire in Amed-Mardin, KJK called for resistance and construction, saying: "There is no natural disaster in Kurdistan; there is a genocidal, colonialist state disaster."

The Kurdistan Women's Community (KJK) Coordination released a statement about the deadly fire that burned down vast land in a rural area between Amed and Mardin, killing 14 people, injuring over 70 others and perishing countless animals.

"We are deeply saddened by the fire disaster in Amed and Mardin. We send our condolences to those who lost their lives in the fire and our condolences to their families and our people,” said the KJK.

The statement continued: "The colonialist Turkish state carries out a cultural and political genocide regime against the Kurdish people along with the destruction of nature. It uses all kinds of banned weapons in the mountains, implements the deforestation of the entire Kurdistan geography as a special policy, irreversibly perpetrates ecocide with dams, conducts air strikes on the life built by our people in Rojava and fire sabotage in agricultural areas, and destroys the possibilities of our people to protect themselves against these attacks and such disasters with the policy of trustees. It should be clearly known that there is no natural disaster in Kurdistan, but a genocidal, colonialist state disaster."

KJK pointed out that: "On this basis, we call on our people, democratic public opinion and ecological movements to start social mobilisation in the face of this disaster, which is state sabotage, and to develop great solidarity to rebuild forests, villages, agriculture and the world of living beings. On the basis of protecting and defending Kurdistan, everyone should act in the spirit of social construction. Our people should develop their own security, precautions and organisation networks against the state's genocidal practices and attacks based on Kurdish hostility. Let us stop the practices of the genocidal regime in the spirit of total resistance and construction against the colonial state disaster in Kurdistan."