KNK meets intellectuals in Hewler to discuss dangers in Kurdistan

A KNK delegation conducted a meeting with a group of intellectuals in Hewler to discuss the dangers the Kurdish people are facing in all four parts of Kurdistan.

On Tuesday evening, a delegation of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) met with a group of intellectuals in Hewlêr (Erbil), capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Military and political issues in four parts of Kurdistan were discussed during the meeting with Hewler intellectuals, presided over by KNK Co-Chair Zeynep Murat.

“The contradictions among the Kurdish parties are providing a basis for the dangerous attacks of invading forces against South Kurdistan and Rojava,” said the KNK Co-Chair.

“The Turkish state is attacking the lands of the Kurdistan Region every day, causing fear among the people. The governments of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq should act responsibly against the invasion attacks,” she added.

“Attacks against Kurdish lands have escalated and Turkey’s attacks have become even more dangerous. Kurdish parties should advocate unity and solidarity over national issues. Specifically, we should be united to deal with the current political crisis in Iraq,” the head of the Standar Association, Mesut Ebdulxaliq, said.

The participants of the meeting underlined that all forces in Kurdistan should act in accordance with national unity.