KODAR and PJAK presented road map

The road map provides solution to problems in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran.

The Eastern Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Movement (KODAR) and the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) have presented a road map to solve what they described as a problem of democratisation in Iran. 

Convinced that the crisis could only be solved by the internal dynamics of Iran they presented a road map which also includes practical solution of the Kurdish question in Eastern Kurdistan.

KODAR and PJAK are the two main powers of Eastern Kurdistan in the Middle East.

The roadmap is based on the democratization of Iran. KODAR and PJAK have talked with many intellectuals, writers and have presented the result of these talks in the road map which points out that the internal dynamics of Iran are those that could lead to a solution. 

The road map prepared by KODAR and PJAK also includes opinions and suggestions for a practical solution to the Kurdish problem in Eastern Kurdistan.

The roadmap consists of 2 main headlines, 11 articles.

In the conclusion section, it is stated that democratic autonomy will stand against the ruling system through the defence of different languages, religions, cultures, beliefs and colours. 

It is stated that the Iranian regime laws should be democratized in order to create a favourable environment to the new life. 

The road map also invites all sections of the society to take up their moral, political and intellectual duties.