Komalên Ciwan called on youth to oppose Turkish attacks

Komalên Ciwan Coordination issued a written statement about the Turkish state's invasion attacks in South Kurdistan and stated that “the most radical attitude” is necessary.

Komalên Ciwan said: “The invasion attacks against Xakurke are the peak of a policy against Kurds which the Turkey state have been carrying on for years. The AKP-MHP fascist regime, the last representatives of the colonial Turkish state tradition, carry out its policies aimed at the extermination and denial of Kurds.”

The statement continued: “The occupation attack on Xakurkê is neither the first nor the last occupation attack. Since 1983, the KDP has organized 30 so-called cross-border invasion attacks with the explicit support of the KDP.” 

The statement added: “We call on all Kurdistan youth to embrace Bradost in the spirit of the hunger strike resistance. We urge Kurdish youth to act as human shields against the Turkish occupation of Xakurkê. History has written that the 45-year of struggle and resistance of our freedom movement are full of achievements.”