KONGRA-GEL calls for mobilization in the 39th year of struggle

Defining the August 15 Initiative as the foundation of the social and women's revolution, KONGRA-GEL said, “The spirit that triumphs in Zap, Avaşîn and Metina against Turkish occupation and KDP betrayal today is this spirit of resistance."

The KONGRA-GEL Co-Presidency Council released a written statement to mark the anniversary of the August 15 Initiative, marking the armed liberation struggle as the guerrilla commander Mahsum Korkmaz (Nom de Guerre "Egîd") fired the first shot of the PKK in Eruh district of Siirt in 1984.

“We congratulate the 38th anniversary of the August 15 Initiative, the Resurrection Day of the peoples of Kurdistan, praising Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, all comrades, the people of Kurdistan and the families of our martyrs. We commemorate the great commander Egîd and all 15 August martyrs with respect and gratitude. As a people and a movement, we are indebted to our martyrs. Making their dreams come true is the purpose of our life.

August 15 is the day of resurrection in the history of the people of Kurdistan. During the First World War, Kurdistan and its people were divided, and the rights and existence of our people were denied. Backed by the forces of capitalist modernity, the invaders in Kurdistan suppressed all the resistance attempts of the Kurdish people with massacres. The will of the people was shattered through the policies of assimilation and massacre. The Kurdish people were subjected to submission in this way.


At a time when hopelessness and fear permeated through the four parts of Kurdistan, the August 15 Initiative became a hope for the people of Kurdistan.

The August 15 Initiative was a response to the Amed prison resistance. The fire of resistance, started by Heval Mazlum against betrayal and surrender at 1982 Newroz, was further flamed by comrades Ferhat, Mahmut, Eşref and Necmi. The 14 July resistance initiated by comrades Hayri, Kemal, Akif and Ali became the PKK's spirit of victory. It is this spirit of resistance that triumphs in Zap, Avaşîn, Metina against the Turkish invasion and the betrayal of the KDP and frustrating their plans today.


This spirit that lives and grows in the hearts and minds of Kurdish women and men in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad is the Apoist spirit. No force will be able to eliminate this Apoist spirit, which is promoting a free life not only in Kurdistan, but also in the Middle East and the world.

The August 15 Initiative is the foundation of a social and women's revolution. Thanks to it, a women's army has been built in Kurdistan, and women have become the vanguards of a democratic society. A democratic society and new culture have thus been created.

The most significant self-criticism for us is that Öcalan welcomes the 38th anniversary of the August 15 Initiative under detention conditions. In the face of the struggle of the August 15 Initiative, the fascist regime of the Turkish state is facing a major crisis in every aspect. On the 39th anniversary of the August 15 Initiative, our biggest objective is to defeat the fascist AKP-MHP government. The defeat of the fascist regime of the Turkish state will usher in an age of freedom for the peoples in the four parts of Kurdistan and the Middle East.


Now is the time to ensure the physical freedom of Öcalan and the freedom of the people. With this goal in mind and the Apoist spirit, everyone should take part in mobilization in the 39th year of the struggle. On this basis, we once again congratulate the August 15 Initiative with all our heart. We wish our people and the forces of democracy success in this holy struggle.”