Landmine explosions in Bane and Piranshahr: 2 kolbars wounded

Two kolbers were wounded in two separate explosions in Bane and Piranshahr.

According to the Democracy and Human Rights Center, 30 year old Sine Yadgar was wounded in the explosion in Bane’s Biyandere village on Sunday. Yadgar lost a foot in the explosion.

On Monday evening, kolber Rehman Resûlî was wounded in a mine explosion in the Kul Away village in Piranshahr. Resûlî was taken to the Urmiye Hospital and is still receiving treatment.

Hundreds of people are executed by the Iranian regime as they engage in border trade in Eastern Kurdistan. There is complete impunity in the country where perpetrators of the murders are not put on trial, but people whose only livelihood is border trade are subjected to systemmic oppression and attacks.

There have been boycotts and strikes throughout Eastern Kurdistan after border trading was banned. The insurgency started in April and quickly spread through provinces like Mariwan, Saqiz, Sardasht and Piranshahr. The protests continued for one month.