Letter to Merkel by the families of German revolutionaries

The families of German revolutionaries who were martyred in Kurdistan wrote a letter to German Chancellor Merkel and called upon her to "end cooperation with the Turkish state."

The families of German revolutionaries who were martyred in Kurdistan at different times wrote a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel to stop arms sales to the Turkish state and to end the oppression of Kurds living in Germany.

Uta Schneiderbanger died after a traffic accident in Qalediz on 31 May 2005, Ivana Hoffman in the fight against ISIS in Til Temir on 7 March 2015, Jakob Riemer in the Turkish army's airstrike in Çarçella on 9 July 2018, Michael Panser in North Kurdistan on 14 December 2018 and Konstantin Gedig (Andok Cotkar) in the air attack on the hospital in Serêkaniyê on October 16, 2019.

The parents of these five German revolutionaries who went to Kurdistan to support the freedom struggle of the Kurdish people and were martyred there have sent a joint letter to Chancellor Merkel.

In the letter sent with the signature of Anne and Konrad Schneiderbanger, Michaela Hofmann-Umeh, Katharina Riemer, Hans-Ulrich Panser, Ute Ruß and Thomas Gedig, the families made important calls to the German government.


Stating that their children went to Kurdistan voluntarily and lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and democracy for the common values ​​of humanity, the families demanded an end to cooperation with the Turkish state.

Refering to the recent increase in human rights violations and war crimes, the families have demanded from Merkel  to make radical changes in Germany’s Turkey politics.

The families of the German revolutionaries stated that significant sanctions should immediately be imposed on the Turkish state and the state repression against the Kurds living in Germany should be removed.

The families reminded Merkel of the Belgian judiciary's decision that the PKK is not a "terrorist organization" and stated that it is time for Germany to get rid of the political atmosphere of the 90’s and change its Kurdish policy.

'Let the monuments of our children be erected'

The parents of Uta Schneiderbanger, Ivana Hoffman, Jakob Riemer, Michael Panser and Konstantin Gedig recently requested the German Prime Minister to erect monuments in public places in order to keep their children martyred in Kurdistan not forgotten and to keep their names alive.