Life in Kurdistan means resistance

Just as the Kurdistan guerrillas are resisting, so is the nature of Kurdistan resisting in a historical war against fire. This is why, life in Kurdistan means resistance.

For three months now, the Turkish state has been carrying out massive attacks on the mountains of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people. Against these attacks, HPG and YJA Star guerrillas are waging a great war on every rock, mountain and hill.

These attacks by the army, the mercenaries and great technology, are helpless against the will and belief of the freedom guerrilla. That's why the Turkish state throws all its hatred and anger on nature, forests and living things.

The great journey of the guerrillas continues. We witness all the beauty of this universe in the mountains of Kurdistan every time the sun shines on these lands. There is no doubt that the beauty of the mountains of Kurdistan increases with the courageous actions of women and youths. As well as the beauty of these mountains, every guerrilla carries a beautiful and courageous heart. The mountains and those living in them have great power, everyone is looking at them with admiration. The guerrilla is fighting a great war on every hill, on every rock and mountain, in every valley. In these places, the sounds of bullets, explosions and poisonous gas are heard. Yet it is the area where life is created, together with people who sacrifice their souls at every given moment.

When walking, on the path of the guerrilla traces, bullet marks on every stone and burning trees and ashes blown into the wind are striking. It is as if the blue sky is in great pain in this burning summer and shares its heart with travelers. Trees and animals that know and protect themselves in this nature recognise good-hearted and self-confident people. They are the women and youth of the Kurdish people. They are the grandchildren of Shex Seîd, Seyîd Riza and Rinde Xan.

When you pass those long paths step by step, the remains of the burning fire get inside the people. It causes great pain in the heart. An epic has been written on every inch of this land. That's why the Turkish state and army are not only fighting against the PKK and the Kurdistan guerrilla, but against every living thing. Nature, trees, water, animals and all living things in these lands are the target of attacks.

The mountains of Kurdistan, Zap, Metîna, Avaşîn, Besta and Lice are burning every day. Earth and sky are on fire. The guerrillas, who have made the high mountains their habitat, promise revenge on every path. This is a war of resistance. Not only the guerrillas but also the nature of Kurdistan is resisting. The country's rivers and streams, Avaşîn, Basya, Xabûr and Tigris, flow in waves. Whatever happens, the rays of the sun reach the heart of the guerrillas against the oppressors, because they will avenge this land from the invaders.

The Kurdish people have always been a circle around the fire of resistance and have re-created themselves from the ashes of this fire. Just as the Kurdistan guerrilla is resisting, so is the nature of Kurdistan resisting against fire. That’s why life in Kurdistan means resistance.