"Like we defended Kobanê, we will defend Afrin"

Southern Kurdistanis protesting the Turkish state’s invasion attempt against Afrin say they stand with the people of Afrin under any circumstances and that they will be displaying an even greater resistance than that in Kobanê.

As the threats of the Turkish state to invade Afrin continue, Southern Kurdistanis state that they will stand with the people of Afrin under any and all circumstances.

“Like we defended Kobanê all together in the past, we are ready to defend Afrin,” say Southern Kurdistanis and stress that they are prepared to resist the Turkish state invasion. Statement by some citizens in Southern Kurdistan on the invasion attempt against Afrin are as follows:

*Aştî Azad: “We as the Kurdish youth would consider any attacks on Afrin to be attacks on all of Kurdistan. We are always ready to defend Afrin.”

*Ebdulhalik Ebdulah: “The Turkish state, the Turkish dictatorship continues to threaten to invade Afrin. We as the people of Southern Kurdistan are prepared to give the necessary response and to do what we have to do. Under any and all circumstances, we stand with the people of Afrin and Rojava.”

*Omer Hecî Hisên: “The Turkish state can’t invade Afrin. Afrin is not easy to swallow. The forces there are the freedom forces of the people. The Turkish state is playing with fire, and this fire will consume them too.”

* Leyla Mihemed: “The Turkish state’s invasion attempt is an empty dream. They are testing the will of our people, but the will present in Afrin will defeat the Turkish state, like it defeated the ISIS barbarism. With all we have and all our lives, we stand with Afrin.”

*Dersim Çemçemalî: “Like we defended Kobane all together in the past, we are ready to defend Afrin. If the Turkish state attempts to invade, they will face a resistance much greater than even that in Kobanê. As the Kurdish youth, we are prepared to go to the resistance front.”

*Sumeya Celîl: “Afrin is a Kurdish city, it is the Kurds’ heart. Whatever the cost may be, it won’t belong to invaders and foreigners.”

*Şenga Ebdulhalik: “We as the youth of Southern Kurdistan stand with Afrin. To the people of Afrin we say we stand with them under any and all circumstances.”