Martyr Jêhat Bagok YPS Retaliation Unit claims responsibility for action in Amed

The Martyr Jêhat Bagok YPS Retaliation Unit said that they carried out an action against the police school guard post in Amed's Rêzan (Bağlar) district.

The written statement said: "Our unit carried out an action with hand grenades and individual weapons against the enemy positioned where the guard post was located at Amed Bağlar police school, around midnight on the night of 14 February."

The statement added: "Our Leader, who has been subjected to torture in Imrali for 25 years, continues his struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people and all peoples with his fighting stance in Imrali. Our leader has turned the oppressor systems upside down with the paradigm he designed against the hegemonic powers. Our Leader's unique struggle against the fascist system is our lifeline, and we will continue our struggle for this line until the physical freedom of our Leader is achieved."