Maxmur hunger striker: Resistance to demolish the walls of Imralı

Coordination member of the Ishtar Women’s Council in Maxmur, Fedile Tok who is on an indefinite hunger strike for 22 days, stated that the wall of oppression will be demolished through resistance.

Coordination member of the Ishtar Women’s Council in Maxmur refugee camp, Fedile Tok on January 20 launched an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike to protest the aggravated isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader, Abdullah Ocalan. Tok is determined to continue her hunger strike.

In a speech, Fadile Tok said: “The month of February brought a dark period for the Kurds, I condemn all forces who participated in the February 15 international conspiracy against Ocalan. I sincerely respect the hunger strike campaign led by DTK co-chair Leyla Guven, particularly the political prisoners on hunger strike, and activists throughout the world.”

The walls of Imrali will descend upon the occupiers

Fadile Tok then remembered the slain co-chair of Cizre People’s Council, Mehmet Tunç, and said: “I still remember Mehmet Tunç’s final speech to all Kurdish people. As he said ‘We did not kneel and we shall not bow’, we should not surrender to the enemy either. An opportunity was created by Ocalan to bring peace to Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East; that opportunity was undermined by the actions of fascist states who once again continue with their denial and genocidal policies. They intend to commit a genocide against the Kurdish people through their war policies. Yet they shall not forget that the Kurdish people will always remember their resilient pioneers like Mehmet Tunç and many others who were burnt alive in the basements in Cizre, but did not surrender. The walls in Imrali that have surrounded our leader, will be demolished and descend upon the occupiers.”

Tok highlighted the ongoing hunger strike campaign, and said: “We will not give up on our cause, we will step up the resistance, and we shall prevail. Our mothers are sacrificing their beloved ones for this noble cause, yet they shall be joyful, since the resistance will succeed through their resistance.

Our people will never accept this treachery. The massacres committed in Kurdistan and the treasons targeting the Kurdish people; those will eventually descend upon the occupiers, and they will not be able to play their tricks against the Kurdish people. The resistance will prevail. As you are well informed, in the past three months a hunger strike campaign has been launched by Kurdish political prisoners, politicians and activists. As the female activists in Maxmur, we wholeheartedly greet all the hunger strikers, particularly the political prisoners.”

The EUHRC’s verdict was against the law

Tok pointed to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights over the massacres in Cizre, and said: “The ECHR verdict was against the law. It shows that the ECHR collaborates with the fascist state of Turkey. European states are partners in crime with Turkey over the massacres in Cizre. Let everyone know, the Kurdish people will never bow, they are determined to realize victory.”

Fedile Tok finally stated that as long as the aggravated isolation against Ocalan continues, the hunger strike campaign will also go on.

“We will resist until we achieve victory. The Kurdish people will be victorious. We will demolish the walls of Imrali through our resistance,” Tok added.