Maxmur residents condemn the KDP attack on guerrillas, calling for an end to betrayal

In Şehîd Rûstem Cûdî Camp, residents protested the KDP's attack on the guerrilla together with the occupying Turkish state and called on the Kurdish people to take a stance for national unity against betrayal.

On 24 January, troops of the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) ambushed and attacked guerrilla fighters of the HPG (People's Defence Forces) near the town of Amadiya in the Duhok governorate. According to the HPG statement on 25 January, a guerrilla group was travelling in two cars towards Girê Amêdiyê when they were ambushed and attacked by KDP forces in the district of Sergelê. The attackers had been waiting for the guerrilla group in a vehicle with a heavy machine gun. The guerrillas then left their cars and shot back. A battle broke out, after which Turkish surveillance drones showed up. "Two of our friends were injured by shots fired by the KDP. Our cars became unusable due to the shelling and had to be left behind. They were later bombed by Turkish warplanes," said the HPG.

Residents of Şehîd Rûstem Cûdî Camp in Maxmur condemned the attack of the KDP forces against freedom guerrillas. The crowd gathered in front of the Institution of Martyrs' Families and held a minute of silence.

Speaking here, Huseyin Kara, a member of the Committee of Martyrs' Families, drew attention to the betrayal of the Barzani family and said: "The Barzani family does not want the development of Kurdistan and Kurdish national unity. The Barzani family and the KDP are not only against the PKK, but against any Kurdish party or power anywhere. The KDP and the Barzani family have betrayed all Kurdish forces. We know only too well how the KDP collaborated with the Baath regime in Iraq and committed a massacre in Hewlêr (Erbil). Today, Nechirvan Barzani celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Turkey, which has been shedding the blood of the Kurdish people for a hundred years. We call on the Barzani family to give up its betrayal. The Kurdish people must take a stance against the KDP and the betrayal of the Barzani family."