Middle East: A complex scenario

After the occupation operation launched on 20 January by the Turkish fascism agains Afrin, now the colonialist-genocide forces are going for the Sideka district of Başûr Kurdistan. 

After the occupation operation launched on 20 January by the Turkish fascism agains Afrin, now the colonialist-genocide forces are going for the Sideka district of Başûr Kurdistan. 

Turkey is trying to occupy Kurdistan, reproducing what was the “Ottoman Kurdistan” and so trying to have a say and consolidating a position in the new Middle East so many powers are engaged to redefine. 

It is known that the fascist TC army has been conducting "cross-border operations" in the area since 25 May 1983. It has carried out numerous military attacks. Its latest attack was launched on December of 2017 and it has continued since. 

From 11 March onwards, has moved south to Sideka. The last occupation has been that of Lêlikan Hill and its surroundings, an area about twenty km from the border with the Republic of Turkey. In other words, at the moment at least 3-5 km across the border are under occupation.

The Bradost Tribe has been living for thousands of years in the Sideka area, mainly referred to as the Bradost Zone. With its high mountains and valleys it is a beautiful and diverse zone. Villagers are continuing to live of agriculture and animal husbandry, like they did in the past. Of course, border trade has also a special place in the economy. The Barzan Zone is neighbouring the Bradost Zone which means there were constant disagreement and fight between the Barzani and Bradost tribes.

More precisely, the Barzani Clan wants to expand including to its area the Bradost Zone.
As it happens the PKK forces are located in Xaxurkê, Xinêr and Helgurt and the Medya Defense Areas are also in that same zone, south of the border between Turkey and Iran. South of the PKK forces are the KDP forces and the Iraqi border police stations. The Turkish occupation troops are trying to move southwards between the PKK and the KDP forces, and of course Turkey is trying to invade the PKK's areas by engaging in clashes with the PKK forces. 

Clearly, the villagers in the area are also targets of the Turkish Republic that frequently carry out air strikes and bombings causing death and injuries as well as preventing people from running a normal life. That said, so far there have been no attacks against the KDP and Iraq outposts. Obviously the Turkish occupation forces are being careful on this and it is understood that there is an agreement between the KDP and the Iraqi administrations and the Turkish Republic.

Due to the patriotic nature of the Bradost people, the invading Turkish forces have been met by total hostility. Turkey is trying to scare off villagers by throwing bombs and threatening the people. Since the situation has come to the attention of the KDP, they are trying to scare villagers and urge them evacuate the area. If this happens, the Bradost Clan will be moved away from their area and the land will be left in the hands of the Barzani Tribe. The latter has already taken over the city of Diyana and will thus have the opportunity to take over the Sideka Zone.

So far, neither the KDP nor the Iraqi forces have been involved in joint military operations with the invading Turkish troops. Likewise they are not fighting against each other and there is no conflict between them. 
It’s no mystery that the AKP-MHP fascist forces want to advance until Kandil. General Chief of Staff Chief Hulusi Akar said that.

Now, if this information is added to Tayyip Erdogan's pledge to occupy Rojava, Şengal and Kirkuk, the real aim of the attacks launched on Afrin and Bradost becomes clearer. 
It is clear that the AKP-MHP fascist plan to occupy the entire Kurdistan territory, starting with Rojava and Başûr. 

Tayyip Erdogan's administration is trying to replicate Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s Administration in the past. 
So what will happen? It appears that global capitalism is a sort of "effort to update the Sykes-Picot Agreement" as the US tries to further engage France and Britain with its withdrawal of military forces from Syria. 

In all this Russia's attitude is a problem. What will Russia do? Now, as it was a hundred years ago, will the US, France and Britain join the new Sykes-Picot? Will Iran and the Turkish Republic and the former Soviet Union develop another policy?
So far, the Russian administration has tried to walk with the US in the same direction. In recent years a pattern similar to Iranian and TC and Soviet policies has been recorded. 
In such an environment, the Third World War in the Middle East is spreading and deepening, and the occupation of Kurdistan by the Republic of Turkey is a prove of it.
Iraq and Başûr Kurdistan are going to the elections on 12 May in such an environment. 

They are important elections, as Haydar Abadi wants to be re-elected and the KDP is trying to survive. To this complex environment we now must add the early elections in Turkey. The Erdoğan-Bahçeli fascist duo is also trying to take advantage from such an environment in an attempt to preserve its power. 
It is clear that the main aim is to occupy Kurdistan and fight in the Middle East. In this case, the elections are nothing but the vine leaf needed to cover the occupation and the war. 

The war, occupation and division will deepen unless Kurdistan is free and the Democratic Revolution of the United Middle East will unite the Middle East.