Military movements by KDP and Turkey in Heftanin and Metina

The war preparations of the KDP and the Turkish state in Southern Kurdistan continue. Besides coordinated military movements in Metina and Heftanin, the Turkish army is installing underground defense systems against the guerrillas.

Turkey is strengthening its troops at the Kani Masi military base in Southern Kurdistan. In the last two weeks new units have been airdropped by helicopters and stationed at the base. The military movements in the region are taking place after the KDP provocations in the guerrilla areas. Helicopter flights over Metina and Heftanin can be observed, especially at night. Reconnaissance flights by Turkish drones take place parallel to the movements of armed units of the South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP.

KDP units are setting up checkpoints in Kani Masi, Batûfa and Derkarê. At the same time, the Turkish army, with soldiers stationed in Heftanin on all the hills, is trying to protect its positions by building walls and installing an underground defense system against guerrilla attacks.

A civilian from Berwari told ANF that Turkish military movements take place in the region every night: "Our area is deliberately bombed. The PKK guerrillas are used as a pretext, but there is no guerrilla here. The guerrilla is in the mountains. The attacks on our village are carried out deliberately and are part of the occupation plan."

Regarding the military movements of the KDP, the civilian said: "In the past, we welcomed the peshmerga proudly. However, today's reality shows that the values the peshmerga stand for have been lost. Partly they are involved in the military movements. In the past it was different. It is clear that it is not about peshmerga, but about other forces, but the name peshmerga is used to win the acceptance of the population. We condemn a war among the Kurds, we do not accept it. If the peshmerga want to fight, they should do so on the side of the guerilla against the Turkish state.”

Another local resident says: "The aim of the attacks is to intimidate and drive us out of the region where we live. But we will not leave our land. The joint military movements of the KDP and Turkey damage the Kurdish struggle and its achievements. We call on the KDP to withdraw. If there erupts a war between Kurds, we hold the KDP responsible. Both the peshmerga and the guerrilla are our children. What is happening here is part of the plan of the Turkish state, everyone should know that.”