MLKP guerrilla: We will never allow Turkish occupation

The guerrillas of the MLKP also take part in the resistance against the Turkish invasion in the Medya Defense Zones. MLKP fighter Munzur Baran declares that they will never allow a Turkish occupation of the region.

The guerrilla fighters of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) participate in the defense of the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) against the Turkish invasion. In an interview with ANF, MLKP fighter Munzur Baran spoke about the struggle in the Zagros mountains and the offensives against the Turkish occupation. Defining the Turkish attacks as an attempt by the system to save itself, he said, "The head-to-toe rotten, colonial fascist, Turkish mafia state and the AKP-MHP-Ergenekon alliance that governs it continue to commit crimes to keep themselves on their feet and continue their sultanate. They have tied the continuation of their fascist colonial order to the annihilation of the Kurdish freedom movement and the socialist vanguard."

Pointing to the role of the international community in propping up Turkish fascism, Baran continued, "The imperialists and their regional stooges want to use colonial fascist policies to protect their political and economic interests on the one hand and to close the road to revolution and revolutionary self-government on the other."

Attacks aim to break the hope of the oppressed

The attacks are aimed at stopping the united revolutionary movement in Kurdistan and Turkey, Baran said, "This attack aims at undermining the hope of oppressed and exploited peoples. It is part of the colonial fascist policy that the Turkish state is trying to spread in the name of neo-Ottomanism in the Middle East. Our party, MLKP, understands this attack in this way and positions its forces accordingly."

"They will never pollute this ground"

Munzur Baran remembered the martyrs of MLKP/FESK, Yılmaz Selçuk, Roza Rênas and Sarîn Awaz as well as the many other martyrs and vowed to never allow the occupiers to "pollute" this ground. He said: "We will continue to fight in the historic resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas until the last drop of blood and always keep the hope of our people alive. We will continue to walk in the footsteps of the heroes of Mamreşo and Zendûra.

With their legendary resistance, the guerrillas have destroyed the hope of success of Turkish fascism and its collaborators. The peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan should never believe what the fascist Turkish bourgeois state and its war media say and write. The fascist regime hides its losses. It uses all kinds of chemical weapons. We will not give a foot of ground to the colonial fascist Turkish mafia state and will never let it taste victory."