MLKP / KKÖ guerrillas: Fighting against the Turkish invaders

MLKP / KKÖ guerrillas said that the Turkish state would be held accountable for all it did.

MLKP / KKÖ guerrillas urged working women to expand the struggle against the colonial Turkish army that bombed the guerrilla fields, burned forests and villages, committed massacres without discrimination against women and children, and assassinated political leading women.

Guerrilla Dicle Serhildan said that the invading Turkish army was carrying out a dirty war against the guerrillas. “But it never broke the will and resistance of guerrillas. As communist women, we take part in the guerrilla fields and fight against the invading Turkish army. We will break this mentality. My call to working women all over the world is this: You should join this revolution and guerrilla ranks to gain freedom.”

Guerrilla Şevin Roza added: “The fascist Turkish state is bombing the free Kurdistan mountains every day, but it cannot break the will of the guerrilla. Let the fascist Turkish state know this well: each of our bullets will be stuck in their chest and each martyr will be asked to be accounted for.”