MP Dindar: Kurdish people are welcoming our march with great embrace

DEM Party MP Mahmut Dindar stated that the Kurdish people welcomed the Freedom March with great embrace and said, "We will definitely break the lock of İmralı."

The Great Freedom March, which started from two branches, Kars and Van, on 1 February to demand the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and a democratic solution to the Kurdish question, continues on its 10th day. The action demands freedom for the Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been kept under heavy isolation in İmralı Island Prison for 25 years and has not been heard from for the last 35 months, and a democratic solution to the Kurdish question.

Speaking to ANF, one of the participants of the march, DEM Party Van MP Mahmut Dindar said, "We are welcomed with great enthusiasm in every district and village we visit. All our people know what the march means and what we want to achieve, and that is why there is a great embrace."

Dindar pointed out that: "We are marching to ensure the release of the Kurdish people’s will from prison and to open the rusty locks. Everywhere we witness the great embrace of our people. At the end of this march, we are sure that we will break the isolation of Mr Abdullah Öcalan together with our people. We will continue our action until the isolation is broken. We will break the lock of İmralı, we will definitely break the isolation.”

The MP continued: “The isolation must be broken for the sake of peace, for life to regain meaning, for people to live in their homes in peace, and to walk the streets in peace. As long as our people are with us, there is nothing we cannot achieve."

DEM Party MP Mahmut Dindar announced that they would be in Amed (Diyarbakır) on the 13th and called on the residents of the city to embrace the Freedom March with great enthusiasm.