Nasir Yagiz visits Maxmur for Eid

Nasir Yagiz, who was on a hunger strike for 187 days before ending his protest on the call of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, visited Maxmur for Eid. 

Nasir Yagiz, who ended his 187 day hunger strike in Hewler against the isolation on the call of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, visited the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp for Eid celebrations. 

Yagiz and the people accompanying him visited Ishtar Assembly Member Fadile Tok who was on a hunger strike for 127 days against the isolation. Yagiz and Tok met for the first time after months in the same resistance and had a long talk.

Yagiz gave a short speech during his visit and said, "I celebrate the Eid for Leader Apo and everyone. We wanted to visit the camp for the Eid."

Yagiz said he went to Maxmur to celebrate Eid with Fadile Tok: "It made me so happy to see the people in the camp and Fadile Tok here. Her morale is also very good. If you are curious, our health is very good as well. The resistance is just beginning. I salute Fadile Tok and all the people of Maxmur."

Fadile Tok thanked Nasir Yagiz for his visit and said, "I celebrate Eid for Leyla Guven, the resistance in prisons, Nasir Yagiz, Leader Apo, the Kurdish people and the fighters. I was very happy to see Nasir Yagiz. Nasir and I wanted to see each other before too, and now for the Eid we met in Maxmur. Our resistance continues, and we will liberate Leader Apo with our resistance. Like we broke the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo with our hunger strike resistance, we will liberate him through our struggle."