"NATO must investigate Turkish war crimes"

Turkey is committing war crimes in the name of NATO. Author Letîf Fatîh Ferac calls for an international investigation into the Turkish army's chemical weapons attacks in southern Kurdistan, saying that NATO, the UN and the EU have a duty to do so.

Kurdish author Letîf Fatîh Ferac spoke to ANF in Sulaymaniyah about the Iraqi parliamentary elections and the use of chemical weapons in the Turkish army's occupation operation in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

In Iraq, elections cannot change anything

Early parliamentary elections were held in Iraq on Oct. 10, with a 41 percent turnout. Ferac assumes that elections cannot change anything in Iraq. Among Shiite and Sunni as well as Kurdish politicians, it is "always the same faces," says the political observer: "In Iraq, there is no own definition of right politics. Iraqi politics panders to Turkey, Iran, the U.S., Jordan and Saudi Arabia. That's why I don't think elections can bring about change."

Turkey is an occupying power in Iraq

In connection with the increasing reports of massive war crimes committed by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people, Ferac states: "Turkey must be seen as an occupying power. There is no longer any sovereignty in Iraq; the country can barely keep itself on its feet. For this reason, Turkey is expanding its attacks. Turkey not only wants to be present in Qandil, Avaşîn and Bashiqa, it also wants to be in Kirkuk. Certain Iraqi politicians are not averse to this because of their self-interest. Therefore, some of the politicians from Kurdistan and Iraq are working for Turkey."

Chemical weapons must be investigated internationally

Letîf Fatîh Ferac addresses the use of chemical weapons in the Turkish military operation against the guerrillas in the Medya Defense Zones and says: "In 1987/88, the Iraqi regime attacked the Kurdish people with chemical weapons. The Turkish state is also attacking the Kurdish people with chemical weapons. We demand that an international delegation come to the region and investigate. As Kurdish people, we must make the available reports and recordings known worldwide. I have terrible photos and reports that I can hardly look at. These recordings must reach the world."

NATO, EU and UN ignore Turkish war crimes

Ferac reminds that Turkey is a NATO member, saying, "NATO must investigate the crimes of the Turkish state against the people. Turkey is a member, it commits these crimes in the name of NATO. However, NATO and also the UN are silent about Turkey's crimes against human rights. The EU should also investigate the accusations, but it remains silent because of its self-interest."

With Erdogan, his small partners will fall too

Lastly, Ferec says that the past is full of stories about overthrown despots and dictators: "From Hitler to Mussolini, from Genghis Khan to Saddam, there are many examples. For Erdogan, too, it won't last much longer. When Erdogan falls, he will take his followers and his small partners with him."