Over 30 people detained in Şırnak and Urfa

Dozens of people were detained in house raids carried out by Turkish state forces in Şırnak city and its districts and Urfa in North Kurdistan.


According to reports from the ground, many houses in the centre and districts of Şırnak were raided in the morning.

At least 26 people were detained and taken to Şırnak Provincial Security Directorate. The reason for the detentions was not disclosed.

On the other hand, soldiers raided several houses in the Bozova district of Urfa.

Three people named Rızgar Güneş, Hasari Kılıç and Yasin Güneş were detained in the rural neighbourhood of Cûrnûs.

On the grounds of the same investigation, Mahmut Yolcu was detained in Koçveren rural neighbourhood and Sabri Taş, a polling station attendant of Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) was detained in Milke rural neighbourhood.

During the raids, windows of houses were broken arbitrarily and belongings were scattered. The reason for the detentions was not disclosed.