Park in Maxmur reopened after lengthy renovation

Despite Turkish air attacks, corona pandemic and embargo, the population of the self-governing Maxmur camp is determined to maintain its social life.

In the self-governing Maxmur refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), social life is maintained despite the threat from Turkey. After protracted renovation, the park named after YPJ fighter Zehra Penaber (Zehra Kara), who was killed in the battle for Kobanê in 2015, was reopened on Friday. Many women from the refugee camp in particular took part in the festive gathering.

The basic renewal and development work in the Zehra Penaber Park began last year. The park was completely closed for this purpose in order to enable safe and speedy work. However, since the Maxmur camp has been subject to a strict embargo by the KDP-led regional government of Southern Kurdistan since last July, and the corona crisis broke out in the spring, the renovation work proceeded only slowly.

"Still, since a place for relaxation is a necessity for the people of Maxmur, we have done everything we could to complete the rehabilitation," said co-mayor Rojin Benek at the park's inauguration in the evening. The green area is now accessible around the clock. The good news was celebrated with music and traditional folk songs sung by Maxmur’s older residents.