Peace Mothers from Maxmur on 5th day of sit-in against embargo

Peace Mothers from Maxmur are on their 5th day of sit-in against the embargo imposed by the KDP on the camp.

Peace Mothers from Maxmur have been holding their sit-in in front of the public security forces  for 5 days demanding to remove the embargo imposed on the Refugees Camp by the KDP.

The mothers are sitting on the road in front of the public security forces day and night and vowed to continue their action as long as it takes to remove the embargo. 

The mothers spent the evining singing local and resistance songs from Botan. The songs tell of the attacks they suffered and the resistance they organised during the first years of migration.

Mothers said that they saw much more challenging processes and attacks than this, and they accepted the embargo as another form of attack. They said they would frustrate this new attack with their resistance.

The mothers said they would not end their actions until the embargo against the camp is lifted.

The mothers had gone to the KDP security forces offices to protest the embargo, but were attacked and insulted by the peshmergas.


On 17 July Osman Köse, one of the Turkish intelligence agency (MIT) officials in the South Kurdistan region, was shot and killed in the Huqqabaz restaurant in Hewler.

The KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) imposed an embargo on Martyr Rüstem Cudi Refugee Camp (Maxmur) using this incident as an excuse. The camp still remains under embargo which hardly hit the life of the camp's residents.