Peace Mothers: Third day of action against embargo on Maxmur

The embargo imposed on Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp has been going on for 48 days, and despite all appeals, the government, the KDP, and the parliament have done nothing to lift the embargo.

A group of Peace Mothers from Maxmur wanted to go to Hewlêr to meet with Hewlêr Public Security forces on 1 September to talk about the lifting of the embargo. 

However, the Peace Mothers were stopped by the KDP public security forces at the entrance of Hewlêr and were not allowed to continue.

The Peace Mothers were insulted and attacked by peshmergas. As a reaction to this harassment, the Peace Mothers improvised a sit-in and the protest is now on its third day.

A group of doctors who wanted to check the health of the Peace Mothers were also blocked by the KDP public security forces and sent back to the camp.

Doctors held a press conference to denounce the attitude of the KDP forces.

The statement was ready by doctor Medya Almani. "Peace Mothers have been stopped 10 Km away from the Camp as they were going to protest with the KDP against the embargo imposed on Maxmur. They have organised a sit-in at the KDP check-point to protest the harrassment." 

Doctor Almani continued: "We wanted to check the mothers' health but were prevented from doing so by the KDP security forces. As doctors, we condemn the dirty practices of KDP public security forces. They should not put health into politics. Human health is more important than anything. We told them that if anything happens to one of our patients, we will hold them accountable."