People in Shengal once again protest the Hewler-Baghdad agreement

The people of Shengal took to the streets again on Sunday to demand the withdrawal of the the agreement signed between Baghdad and Hewler.

The people of Shengal have once again protested the agreement signed by Baghdad and Hewler. People gathered in front of the Shengal Autonomous Administration building and started marching with banners saying "We reject the Shengal agreement", "Long live Shengal's resistance" and "Long live the Shengal public order forces".

People protested the dirty games against Shengal carried out by Iraq. After the march, Hisên Hecî, from the Shengal Autonomous Administration, made a speech on behalf of the people of Shengal.

Hecî pointed out that the Iraqi government did nothing for Shengal and added: “What we are saying is that the Shengal problem is a problem of Iraq and the solution should not be sought outside. Permanent solutions for Shengal must be found to address political, security and social issues."

Hisên Hecî reminded that the public order forces and the Shengal Autonomous Administration protected the people during the time when there was no other power. “That is why this administration should be recognized. The Êzidxanê Asayishi (public order forces) has protected the people of Shengal from all attacks and violence until now. That is why the Êzidxanê Asayishi should be recognized as an official security force with legal regulations.”

Hecî also said that they will continue to organize demonstrations for the official recognition of the Shengal Autonomous Administration and Êzidxanê Asayishi. After the march, the demands of the Shengal people were handed over to the Iraqi police headquarters. Iraqi officials stated that they would convey these demands to the relevant authorities.

After the agreement on Shengal signed by the central Iraqi government and South Kurdistan Regional Government on 9 October 2020, the eyes were once again drawn to Shengal and the Yazidi community living there. Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly (MXDŞ) said in its statement that Shengal is facing a great danger and called on Kurds and world public opinion to be sensitive towards this issue.

Following the agreement with the South Kurdistan administration, the first military units of the Iraqi army were sent to Shengal last Tuesday. A military force of around 2500 was deployed in Kolik Mountain and border regions from the villages of Mediban, Sibe Şêx Xidir. Iraqi military officials state that these forces will control the area up to Rebia town, and in this way, control of the entire border between Northern and Eastern Syria and Shengal will pass to Iraqi forces.