People of Şengal protest against attacks and October 9 agreement

A demonstration has taken place in Şengal against the forced dissolution of self-governing structures. The Şengal Autonomous Assembly appealed to Iraq to officially recognize the Yazidi security forces within the framework of existing laws.

In Şengal, thousands of Yazidi residents protested against the attacks of the Iraqi government. The demonstration was promoted by the Democratic Autonomous Assembly of Şengal. The demonstrators chanted "Em şer naxwazin, aşitî dixwazin" (We don't want war, we want peace), "Bijî Berxwedana Şengalê" (Long live the resistance of Şengal), and "Bimre Xiyanet" (Down with treason), making clear their protest against the planned dissolution of the self-governing security forces Asayîşa Êzîdxanê.

The crowd marched to the Zekî-Şengalî intersection where Xelef Şengalî read out a statement on behalf of the Autonomous Assembly: "As the Yazidi community, we reject the agreement signed by the KDP and the al-Kadhimi government on October 9, 2020 as an attempt to return Şengal to its defenseless state before 2014. This agreement is against the rights of Yazidis and against all Yazidi forces that oppose genocide. The recent attacks ordered by Kadhimi are intended to depopulate Şengal. Turkey and the international powers want to make Şengal a center of conflict. We call on everyone to take a stand against the attacks."

Rejecting the dissolution of the security and defense forces established after the 2014 ISIS genocide, the Şengal Autonomous Assembly called upon the U.S. to intervene against the violation of the rights of the Yazidi community. The Assembly urged Iraq to officially recognize the Asayîşa Êzîdxanê within the framework of existing legislation. It also called for the establishment of a commission to investigate what happened at the time of the ISIS attack on Şengal, and for those responsible for the withdrawal of Iraqi troops and the KDP peshmerga to be brought to justice.

Xelef Şengalî further stated, "The delegation that visited Kadhimi a few days ago does not represent Şengal, it was organized by KDP and Nineveh operations official. We call on Babê Şêx not to support any political party and force and to show the same closeness to all Yazidis."