People of Bradost protest against Turkish attacks

Villagers have seen their life disrupted by Turkish attacks.

Responding to the day and night attacks of the invading Turkish state, the citizens of Bradost are calling on authorities to act.

Citizens are demanding the restoration of peace.

People, who have been delayed their spring grazing in Bradost, Southern Kurdistan spoke to RojNews about their life under the attacks of the invading Turkish state.

Bêmal Mihemed said: "This is our land. Every year we come to the Xinere plains. We graze our animals. But this year we are running late".

The ongoing Turkish state bombing has prevented villagers to move, said Mihemed and added that they cannot move easily and cannot feed their animals adequately.

Gulbeyar Eshed also protested against the attack and said that the Turkish state bombing meant the loss of peace on one hand and the impossibility to go on with daily chores on the other.

Bêşwên Mihemed, who stated that the bombings were continuing day and night, pointed out that the occupying Turkish state is after massacre and called for authorities to take responsibility and action.